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Free Art Friday Columbus: Butterflies

Make art and set it free. #ArtScavengerHunt

How It Works:
- Make art for the monthly theme: Butterflies
- Hide or "drop" your art around town. Post a picture in the Facebook event showing the drop location.
- People use your pictures to help them find the art.
- When you find a piece of Free Art Friday Art, post a picture in the Facebook event page so the artist knows their work was found.

IMPORTANT!!!! ***Please please please remember to : document with a picture the location (those following the page can look to) and to leave a note telling people to document their find in the event page for the month so we can track the finds .***

This month's Free Art Friday theme is butterflies in honor of Self Injury Awareness Day (March 1st). This day and concept is near and dear to me knowing and being a sufferer of self harm. This theme was specifically inspired by "The Butterfly Project" a movement to keep self injurers accountable. Read about it more: here

While researching this, I found a few other "Butterfly Projects" - all of which were incredible and further affirmed my want to have this theme.

The Butterfly Project based in South Florida:

"Dignity. Hope. Freedom.
The Butterfly Project purchases jewelry directly from safe houses and other projects all over the world. These beautiful pieces are made by women and children rescued from and at risk of Human Sex Trafficking. By buying this jewelry, you are personally restoring hope to exploited women and children.
Something beautiful has come from disaster."

As well as The Butterfly Art Project based in South Africa called Vrygrond or Capricorn:

"We believe art is a medium that promotes healing and gives skills for creativity in all of life. This is so important in a country where trauma is still so ripe. We desire to build healthy children and adults for all of South Africa! We seek to develop creative and resilient communities."

"This project has five amazing departments: Art for Preschool, Art for Capricorn Primary School, Art Therapy, Art Outreach and Community Art Facilitators (CAF). We seek to encourage creativity and healing through art."

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