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Free Art Friday Columbus: Flowers

Make art and set it free. #ArtScavengerHunt

This month's theme is: FLOWERS

How It Works:
- Make art for the monthly theme.

- Hide or "drop" your art around town. Post a picture in the Facebook event page (see below or search Free Art Friday Columbus: Flowers on Facebook) showing the drop location. ****Please make sure the picture is taken far enough away you can see the location of the drop!

- People use your pictures here: to help them find the art.

- When you find a piece of Free Art Friday Art, post a picture here so the artist knows their work was found.

Be sure to hashtag #FAFCO and post pictures to track the fun!

IMPORTANT!!!! ***Please please please remember to : document with a picture the location (those following the page can look to) and to leave a note telling people to document their find in the event page for the month so we can track the finds .***

A challenge to my hunters: finding and taking home just ONE piece of art work.

I know it's hard. But I think this way, it makes it possible for more people to gather work and get as excited and involved as you are!

Later Event: May 28
Lake Walk