Alas, Poor Yorick

titled "Alas, Poor Yorick"  from my favorite soliloquy, in Hamlet.      

titled "Alas, Poor Yorick"  from my favorite soliloquy, in Hamlet.





Maybe it's because I was listening to emo songs on Pandora. Maybe it's because I have almost had a panic attack every day this week. Maybe it's because my heart's a little hurt. Maybe it's because I felt inspired. Maybe it's because I picked up and read my Bible for the first time in months. Maybe it's because my loved ones amaze me everyday of my life. Maybe it totally sucks . But something about this moved me today.





Painting parties and other projects specifically for L's art to come! (Who knows, is that some merchandise I see on the horizon?)

But here lately I have been enjoying working part time at a studio in Griffin, Georgia. You should come see us.


Lately I have been finding it hard to concentrate at the office, because my mind is on creating.

Art Is Cheap Therapy

I am pretty well in love with this site and their suggestions on therapy exercises.

I especially need the stress painting! With this new firm job. ;P

  • Draw or paint your emotions. In this exercise, you’ll focus entirely on painting what you’re feeling.
  • Create an emotion wheel. Using color, this activity will have you thinking critically about your emotions.
  • Make a stress painting. Choose colors that represent your stress and jab, scribble and paint your problems away.
  • Put together a journal. Journals don’t have to just be based around words. You can make an art journal as well, that lets you visually express your emotions.
  • Draw your vision of a perfect day. Think about what constitutes a perfect day to you and draw or paint it. What about this drawing can you make happen today?
  • Take photographs of things you think are beautiful. No one else has to like them but you. Print and frame them to have constant reminders of the beautiful things in life.
  • Make a drawing related to a quote you like. Take the words of wisdom from someone else and turn them into something visually inspiring.
  • Create a drawing that represents freedom. This activity has you think about the concept of freedom and what it means to you, creating a work of art that showcases just what it means to you as an individual.
  • Document a spiritual experience. Have you ever had a spiritual experience in your life? Draw or paint what it felt like.
  • Draw images of your good traits. Creating drawings of your good traits will help you to become more positive and build a better self-image.
  • Draw yourself as an animal. Is there an animal that you have a special interest in or feel like is a kindred spirit? Draw yourself as that animal.
  • Create a timeline and draw the most significant moments in your life. This timeline will be the story of your life, with the most important moments highlighted visually.

Check out the rest of the list at:


Update on Baby

"When we’re born a full-term infant, we can see, but our vision is protected in a way that we don’t take on too much stimuli for our systems to organize,” Hanson-Abromeit said. “And when a baby is born prematurely, those systems haven’t yet fully developed.”
She explains that premature infants are overwhelmed with information: noise, light, new people. A neonatal intensive care unit can be especially chaotic, and the babies’ brains aren’t developed enough to handle it all. The stress puts their nervous system into fight-or-flight mode, which robs them of the energy and focus their brains and nervous systems need to help them grow.
But if music has charms to soothe a savage breast, it also can soothe a newborn’s nervous system.
“We’re really trying to help them at a very basic neurological level organize at staying calm,” Hanson-Abromeit said.
Pre-recorded music won’t do the trick. The educational value of Baby Einstein DVDs largely has been debunked. Helping infants’ brains develop requires something more subtle: the kind of attentive interaction practiced by therapists like Hanson-Abromeit.
“We can change those characteristics of the music to be less complex,” she said. “And then build that up gradually for more complexity as the baby’s neurological processes can handle that, or we help them start to develop those things.”

Music helps with premature babies: Art is pretty amazing, right?

This made me think of baby Anna-Grace, who IS home. God is good.

I hope she likes the room we made for her.

Check out her story and the project at:

"Knowing" & Knowing: Life Lessons Learned from Art

The ironic part, ever since this class (painted dream catchers) I have had the weirdest dreams!

The ironic part, ever since this class (painted dream catchers) I have had the weirdest dreams!

Last weekend was our Painting Party for Marilyn’s Army. We went ALL pink for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and raised over $400! A small fee, but that is not including what we raised through donations online as well. And let’s be honest, every dollar counts.

I say “we” because it was wholeheartedly a group effort. My wonderful sister-in-law (soon to be anyway) and her family (her mama is Marilyn!) assisted me in this event along with my former art teacher, his daughter, son-in-law and even my twin brother.

I have been so jaded from group projects in high school, you know, where you get a group assignment and YOU get saddled with doing everything? Or how you just do not trust the people in the group enough with YOUR grade, so you do all the work anyway? Yea, that has always been me. So handing over the reigns on an event was a huge ordeal for me.

I do not know why, because in the entire eight years I have known my sister-in-law and her family they have always been good hearted and fully reliable; but these events are so important to me. I was a tad stressed. Not going to lie. Other individuals were bringing parts of the event: décor, food, paint. I am such a micro-manager! I felt my eye start twitching a little at the thought of PARTS of the event being in different cars.

But all those cars arrived at the same spot and everything went off without a hitch. In fact, I think I need a collaborator at all of these parties now. Ha. The set up, disbursement of paint and break down went SO FAST. And it was such a joy to share the experience with family. Not only that, but my parents and twin brother were there to paint with us. Which made me happy beyond measure.

See the rest at the "previous event" page on this site.

See the rest at the "previous event" page on this site.

And then, most recently was the baby’s room. No, not my baby. But baby Anna-Grace. Another collab project. A prior classmate told me about the project and asked me to participate. I was floored someone thought enough of me and my work to seek out my help. I couldn’t believe it. But it too went off flawlessly. We did a whole room in two days!

God was really trying to show me something I think: making my stubborn self realize that people are fundamental parts of what makes a great organization. Funny how doing events and raving about how important relationships with people are, I can still forget that! Sometimes you have to hand over the reigns. Yes, obviously in twenty four years I should know, but sometimes you “know” (and do not care and ignore) and then you KNOW, having experienced it and really learned something. I definitely did the latter these past few weeks. The fact that I want to start this organization (or whatever you want to call me) you have to realize that it cannot be a one person show. You think you get that, but then weekends and projects like these come along. I truly can not thank those who helped me enough. Not only for making these things happen but also teaching me such a valuable lesson.

Both these ventures are posted on the events page. Please be sure to check them out. 
And if you want to paint, let me know! 



Feeling Blue

This kid has more life wisdom at eight years old than I have had in the past eight years.

This kid has more life wisdom at eight years old than I have had in the past eight years.

Blue does not have to be a state of emotion. It is the color of the sea, the sky; blue is beautiful. And so is life.

So if ever you forget that, just remember what little Hannah said.

Mystery Under "The Blue Room" by Picasso

Left: The Blue Room Right: Mystery Portrait

Left: The Blue Room Right: Mystery Portrait

Originally discovered in 2008, however just revealed to the public last week, was the portrait under Pablo Picasso's "The Blue Room". [OK, so Picasso has never been a favorite artist of mine, however you cannot deny the intrigue factor of this story!] Evidently, this painting has been thought to be hiding something for some time:

"A conservator noted the odd brushstrokes in a 1954 letter, but it wasn't until the 1990s that an X-ray of the painting first revealed a fuzzy image of something under the picture. It wasn't clear, though, that it was a portrait." - 

The above prompted scientist and art experts to use infrared imaging on the piece, that revealed a picture. One may wonder why this was painted over, which most people are concluding is a result of: a poor - starving artist. Picasso could not afford new canvases as often as he thought of things to create, resulting in his re-use of canvases and even using cardboard for some pieces. [Suddenly I feel better about being thrifty with my art supplies.] Evidently, this comes as no surprise to art experts, the same was demonstrated in Picasso's piece "Woman Ironing" which revealed a the mustached man beneath. 

So, who is this guy? Some speculate it is the Paris art dealer Ambroise Vollard, who hosted Picasso's first show. Others, that is could be a self portrait. But no clues were left by the artist to indicate an exact identity. So it remains a mystery! 

Read more at:  


I have a dream

I had this crazy idea to use art to change the world. This is the result of that crazy idea.

Please come along on this journey with me! I promise it will be interesting.

Check out the store & calendar for events while you're here. All funds raised go to a great cause.


Can I have wine yet?? Here's hoping this project goes well. #cheers