Egg Art to Help Face My Fears


Keeping true to L's Art's new slogan: "Paint. Love. Dino" (and with Easter just around the corner) it only felt right to promote classes near my new home, at my first art festival, by painting "dino" eggs! 

I am happy to report, it went pretty well. 

And, thank GOODNESS for that. Not only was this for promotion, but it was also to face a long time fear of mine: 

being a vendor at an art festival.


It may sound contradictory, I know. Being that to actually make a profit and build relationships with people, you HAVE to do festivals or at the very least in person marketing of some kind. But, being an art lover, I had been to my fair share of art festivals and events; what I saw there, made me cringe. 

Not the art. Obviously. I am constantly inspired and amazed by people's array of perspectives and techniques. Two artist can look at the same subject, see something COMPLETELY different and even portray that subject in a totally different medium i.e. sculpting, mixed media, painting, writing, the list really is endless! Many of these insights, I myself would never have ever thought of. It's just, magical, to me. 

What I see that is cringe-y, painful, in fact; is what goes INTO an art festival. That being: the elaborate set up, the combat with the elements, the vulnerability and defeat. How? Well, you MUST have an amazing set up to catch peoples eye. Then, you have to hope that your art, which you put your heart and soul into, resonates with someone. If that happens, then there is the struggle of convincing them the hours you spent on that piece is worth the price, which they undoubtedly will try to talk you down from. Then there is the concern of the elements: too hot or RAIN; not sure about you, by I'd prefer avoiding heat stroke or drowning over thoroughly looking at art in booths on my weekend. The defeat part? Aside from spending the money these events cost and praying that you make anything or at least broke even... The defeat comes when people come into your booth to inspect your work, then without even making eye contact (despite the smile you have plastered on your face) walk off, as quickly as they came. This only solidifies your fear that you are a hack and will die surrounded by things you created that only served to catch dust. A bit dramatic... yea, but I am an artist, did you expect anything else? 

It goes without saying that I was always PETRIFIED to do an art festival. Even the fun, "food and booze" shows, where most are too drunk to dodge eye contact. I backed out every time. My fear of rejection (or what I saw as rejection) beat out my thought of succeeding EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So, with all of the above, along with feeling under the weather and having locked my keys in my car that same morning, it was a HUGE accomplishment for me to do this event. Where as I did not sell anything, I did what I love more than that: help people create. 

Maybe I'll get to see those people again soon too, at a class in the future. 

The think that's success.



Lastly, I had an amazing team there supporting me (some not pictured, but who called and text me that morning too). Who, even with some tough-brotherly-love, I know think my work is great.

Thank you for always having my back and coming out to this traumatic, awesome, thing that I did.

I love ya'll!