en plein air: the act of painting outdoors.

I participated in "paint out week" at ZooAtlanta this week, err, weekend. The zoo was kind enough to let me paint on the weekend as not to mess with my office job schedule. What a lovely experience!

Day #1: Naked Mole Rat

"Who you calling ugly?!" I wanted to select animals that people do not typically think of for this project. (But, who could forget mole rats from KIm Possible?!) so for the first day I set up shop with these little fellas. 

Day #2: Turtles

I prepped the canvas a few days prior with Pebeo mixed media paint for a hint of whimsy and to emphasize water. This day was especially wonderful as my family came out to watch me paint. I also had a station set up for kiddos to paint with tempera paints (below). Good stuff.

Day #3: Vulture

My goal in this project was to show beauty in animals that may not otherwise be seen as beautiful, like hairless rats, but truthfully I really like vultures. They are interesting birds. 

Art Sale | June 17 – 18, 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Action Resource Center (ARC)
Visiting the Zoo? While you’re here, you should definitely make the Art Gone Wild sale a must-see stop! Head to the ARC and check out the amazing work created. More details here