Monster Mash



It's funny how things happen in threes. Gosh, that sounds scary! Usually when I hear that it's associated with something not good, like, an accident or a death. But I assure you, this "threes" is a super neat thing that I just had to share. 






1. Commission Request: Monsters

A writer I know reached out to me and requested I help them in illustrating a super cute children's story about monsters. Sound strange? Ha. These are good monsters, er, well they aren't scary - necessarily. The story has a great lesson too. I so hope I can work out a good design for them and see where this venture takes us! I don't want to say much more for fear I'll jinx myself. Just please send prayers and/or good vibes my way on this project. 

2. Facebook Ad (Or was it a story?) 

Shortly after, I mean SHORTLY, maybe a day or two after the commission request came to me I saw in my personal Facebook feed a link to Monster Crayons. I am not sure if it's the government tracking my emails (mostly a joke - although I did watch Snowden recently, so...) or simply the fact that an artist or artist site I follow happened to post about these crayons. But I thought it a fun coincidence. Check them out. It's a wonderful endeavor. I am trying to figure up a class in which I can incorporate these crayons now. 

3. The Almost: Monster

Back in my SUPER angsty days (yes, believe it or not I was at one point WORSE than I am now) a friend let me borrow their CD of the band "The Almost" and I recently listened to it again for the first time in years. So, borrow became have, clearly. As I cringed through the album and thanked goodness my musical taste improved I came to the last song on the album: "Monster." Then... boom! I was like "this is why I liked them!"  I think I actually just liked that one song. At any rate, it was shortly after the commission request too. 

If I were a monster, 
Would you wince
When you looked at me?
If I were a freak, would you stare?
If I were a leper, 
Would you say unclean?
If I was lost.
Would you help me get free?

4.  Monster Project

OK, so math isn't my strong suit and I thought it was three things but turns out it was four. Also, I could edit the beginning to make this make more sense and still reflect only three things but that would be inaccurate to the events that occurred. So, #4, I stumbled upon while looking up references for these monsters I was supposed to be sketching for this book commission project. Any monster draft I had done ended up looking too much like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. Naturally, I then turned to Google. I didn't want to copy just get a fresh perspective or at least see what I couldn't use. I then came across Monster Project. I have since applied to be an artist with them. Who knows if I'll hear back. I hope I do. But what they are doing makes my heart so incredibly happy. Check them out. But in short, here's what they do:

"Kids draw monsters, then artists from all over the world recreate them in their own styles! We hope to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential. "

kid's art

kid's art

artist's recreation

artist's recreation

5. Favorite Art You've Ever Made

I really miscounted. But, while applying to Monster Project, I submitted a piece that I did at the end of last year. A piece that when asked recently, "what's your favorite art that you've made?" immediately came to mind. More coincidences? I submitted a photo of my Perfect Sonnet piece, but a photo before the words were added. Because the same person I told and showed this to said: "that's so depressing." I am sorry I depress you...

Please check out these organizations: Act for Kids with their Monster Crayons and Monster Project - both are using art to help and encourage children. I just can't tell you how important and amazing I think that is. 

Feel free to send good juju my way for this monster commission too. I hope I can do the writer proud. Time will tell. 

I don't recommend hearing the band The Almost though. Sorry guys.