Art Journaling

Columbus, Georgia, I am bringing art journaling classes to you!

Starting in June every other Tuesday. The location will vary (being that I am a mobile studio) from the local library and Iron Bank Coffee. Be on the look out for more specific details on the "Calendar" page. 

What IS art journaling? In essence, art journaling is: a visual journal.

You can base it on words, song lyrics, daily happenings... whatever you want. The good thing about them is when you cannot put something into words, you don't have to; you simply get whatever it is out onto the paper, whether it be words, images or just colors. 

I began looking for specific prompts for class purposes and came across this idea/option: 

And then I thought, what ARE ten things about ME? I couldn't think of anything at first - which made me feel terribly silly. What would your list consist of? Mine:

1) I enjoy traveling  

2) I am learning to throw knives

3) I have a twin brother

4) Dinosaurs and sloths are my favorite creatures

5) I have a cross eyed cat named Igby - he's pretty adorable

6) My dream is to own a bakery / art studio 

7)  I drink a lot of coffee

8) I recently found out I love painting with water colors

9) My wrist tattoo is from To Kill a Mockingbird; which is one of my favorite books

10) I love finding Orion in the night sky 


For those of you who say: "I want to art journal, but I am not creative."


It can be as simple as making a list or as complex as a full canvas. It is whatever YOU want. Much like creating in general. Just get what is in your head out on paper (or canvas, wood, etc.).