Indy Riot Studios

I managed to pick up another studio to work at!

Indy Riot Studios located at 1946 north, Old Hwy 19 S, Thomaston, GA 30286; Check out what we are painting on the calendar page here or on either L's Art's Facebook: or Indy Riot Studios Facebook: (While on these pages please give us a "Like" to see upcoming events, sales and just us being silly) To reserve your spot to attend these classes shoot a message to me or Indy Riot or call the studio at 770-573-3686.

"INDY RIOT STUDIOS is now open! Professional photography, videography, and sound recording. Also a great hangout spot for artists of all kinds." Be sure to check out these lovelies, I myself have done shoots with them and think they are immensely talented. They do a little bit of everything: graphic design, photography, visual effects, costume artwork, painting classes, kids art classes, toddler art and they can print requested items on their nifty 3D printer, too. Below are a few images from the shoot I was involved in, which involved paint, OF COURSE:


Check out their video work on their youtube:


A personal favorite of mine! So many memories from my gaming days and it really shows off their skills in visual effects, I think.

Please check them out! The boys are skilled. #RiotLife #Art #Photography #Love