When I was young, I mean really little, like three; there was this little rinky-dink amusement park (I use the term "amusement park" loosely) attached to the zoo my family and I went to in south Florida. In that amusement park, they had a carousel. Like ever young girl I wanted a horse, so when I saw brightly colored horses going around in a circle to music, I pretty much fell in love. There was one horse in particular. She was white, maybe pink? I was three... Don't hold it against me not remembering EXACTLY. I would literally always ride this horse whenever I came to the park. I even named it: Creampuff. So original, right?

I remembering bawling my eyes out when they took Creampuff off the carousel. My biggest heartbreak at three.

All that to say, when we had carousel horses at the studio to glaze, OF COURSE I painted one. My boss let me take it home. I feel like I got a little piece of my childhood back. A mini Creampuff, maybe. Thanks, Jess!

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