Everyone keeps telling me that this site needs more information about me, so here goes...

A Little Something, About Little Ole Me:

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Just a twenty something, addicted to chap-stick and coffee, fluent in sarcasm and a bit naive. Family, friends and faith are most important to me. Oh, and I really like art and dinosaurs too. New to the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I have always loved art but in the hustle and bustle of working towards a "grown up" job, earning a college education and paying bills, the first love of my life fell to the wayside. I nearly stopped art all together, with the exception of the occasional volunteer project I got recruited into. Then the day came when a friend of mine opened up about her venture to adopt two children. Knowing that "painting parties" were a hit, I knew what I had to do to help my friend. And then, just like that, I discovered a new love: TEACHING art.

We are thankful for Larissa and her God given talent, which helped make it possible for us to raise funds to go towards adopting our new daughters and bringing them to America.
— Amanda and Chris Bash

I constantly wonder where this “business” is going. But I know where I have been; also who I have had the privilege of meeting through art. Both teaching classes, collaborations and traveling. I think right now, that's all I want to focus on. 

And I think that is pretty cool.

Join me?